Flying away…

Flying away

My thoughts are flying away,
to distant realms,
I leap to catch them and hold them close,
reflecting my essence they are mine to hold.

How wrong was I!
Failing to rein them in,
I surrender to them,
and let them fly away,
So far out to the horizon,
living my dreams on their cushy wings.

Hurtling away at rapid speed,
I pull them back to linger,
as I want to devour,
a kaleidoscope of dreams in riotous colours,
They unleash on me.

Some leading to wonderous laughter,
some ending in heartfelt sadness,
each carry part of my life,
each define reasons for living.
I enjoy each of my soiree,
On wings of thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Flying away…

  1. Thoughts on language and usage …
    to distant realm (to a distant realm) (to distant realms)

    So far out to horizon (so far out to the horizon) (to far horizons)

    each define reason for living (each define reasons for living)

    I am sorry I do not know the meaning of the corrections, I just use language. However your command of the English language is significant. You should be very proud of yourself.

    Have you traveled much?

    Blessings -Peter

    • Thanks Peter. Yes, I travel frequently. Actually always looking for an excuse to travel. Completely bitten by a bug, My work also needs me to travel. Thanks for your language suggestions. This is where ,my lack of language skills come to the fore.,the. Somehow I make mess of them. I will be very careful now onwards.

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