Snowy Day…

6 thoughts on “Snowy Day…

  1. This looks like my Friday last week. We live in a high desert region, we have sand, cactus, sage brush and winter for almost 8 months a year. It snows and then melts into the sand. Very unique environment.

      • Very unique, we only have about 12-14 weeks every year when we can plant flowers, sit on the patio morning and evening, and leave the windows open. It’s so naturally cool here, most people don’t bother with air conditioning, we just open the windows if its warm. Out elevation is almost 8,000 feet and we have sun almost everyday even when the temperature is below zero. You should visit sometime.

      • Thanks 🙂 I cant imagine what you described.! I live in such a hot place! We have only 8-10 weeks when we have reasonably cold weather. Otherwise it is very hot!

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