Book called Life….

Leafing through the pages;
of book called life,
I realize I have lot to imbibe.
Many pages turned;
little remain to be read,
still the mystery remains,
about secret within.

Going through the pages;
I have already read,
I find the need to,
read them again.
I need to understand,
rules of the game.

Well worn and crumpled,
are pages I have turned.
Some narrate the pains,
Other’s describes the gains.
turning the pages once again;
I realize,
it was worth every penny,
playing lifelong game.

I look at the pages;
yet to be read,
at each turn I wonder,
what lies ahead?
Suspense remains hidden,
in pages still unread.

Taking each page as it comes,
Worrying not for unknown,
Enjoying moment it brings,
Seeking just joyful reading,
I look forward to ending,
this book called life


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