Lunch Time…

10 thoughts on “Lunch Time…

  1. Oh I’m very glad I subscribed to your blog, Sonali, I like your photos and style very much! This is excellent – can’t decide whether that window top right adds to it or not – but good image, and of course I like the mono. Keep on keeping on! Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian 🙂 ! Such appreciation keeps me going. I felt,that,window on the right is a counter balance to light on the table. and dark square patch on the left balances darkness that surround people.

      I love monochrome images,though there are not many takers for that. Particularly from Indian photographers people expect colours that is India.

      • Oh I think you’ll find quite a few people on the web who like mono ->>> keep at it! On balance, I think I probably post more b/w than colour – and I wouldn’t be without Silver Efex Pro 2, I can’t recommend it too highly!

        Yes, I can understand people equating India with colour >>> but just do your thing! Remember, if you like it and it looks good to you, that’s what really matters! Adrian

      • Thanks Adrian! Really what I wanted to hear 🙂 ! India is colours and to show it sans them is sacrilege for many. Sometimes I feel that colours take away the soul and India does have a soul which can be beautifully revealed by monochrome.

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