7 thoughts on “Covered…

  1. What a strange and enigmatic photo, Sonali! The more I look at this photo, the more I’m enthralled.

    It works well and that hand speaks volumes – is this person, a lady I’d guess, covering herself for religious reasons, or from shyness, or because this is her only covering?

    Very interesting shot, and you are giving me something that I’m very interested in seeing – which is the world seen through the eyes of someone from another life and culture. Thank you for this! Adrian

    • Thanks a lot ,Adrian. This is a photo of a lady. We were talking. While she was adjusting her scarf(which generally India woman wears), and showing me different ways to wear it,I clicked. Actually the way she is holding it and the way she is covered ,is like an Indian bride or the way very orthodox Indian woman wears it while concealing her face from unknown man.

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