What it takes to be a woman…

Here is a male dancing in woman’s clothing. Many people do not realise that fact. I am sure the man,in a woman’s grab,must be realising what it takes to be a woman.


13 thoughts on “What it takes to be a woman…

  1. I have read that in India there is almost what is considered a third sex, that is somewhat more accepted than a transvestite / crossdresser would be in the west… Is that a true statement or is there stigma wherever in the world.

  2. Excellent picture, Sonali, the pose, the half-covered face and the radiant smile all do it for me!

    And truly fascinating words and comment. As grandfathersky intimates, we in the west are rather hot on stigma for all sorts of things – there can be a distinct lack of broadmindedness. Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian. This photo was one of my entries for “womanhood” contest and show. And it was selected for group show.

      Well, in India this “Hijra” community is connected with religion and conveniently so. No one dares to question or oppose and people are afraid of them and their antics. They are forced to be in extortion racket for their livelihood as no one will employ them. So stigma and narrowmindedness is much more prevalent in India than in west. When someone is broadminded in india, he or she is called westernized!

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