Work goes on..

I had stopped at Red light,I saw up and saw person working at construction sight. It was a cloudy evening. I got the silhouette I was looking for.


21 thoughts on “Work goes on..

  1. Sonali >>> you are a brilliant photographer!!! My admiration for your images is boundless. Make a Blurb book of your best ones – be sure to use Blurb’s most expensive paper – and I will certainly buy a copy – not an e-copy – but a real, expensive, hardback book copy.

    So this is a grab shot while waiting at a red light? Well for me it sings! The low colour palette – because I think it is colour, isn’t it? – is wonderful, the railings or whatever they are come in from the top right corner and go down through the frame >>> and then there is the silhouette of the man, cutting up through these railings, as do two scaffolding poles. And the lowering sky has just enough detail in it to enhance the mood.

    Good photography! Adrian

    • You are great boost for my ego!!!!! This is required 🙂

      I am planning to find out whether Blurb offers services in India. I want to publish photographs which were part of my exhibition.

      I have to as I have already booked my first copy :). Jokes apart, THANKS A LOT,Adrian. You have always been very encouraging. I always wait for your comments. You read my photographs much better than even I do!


      • Oh, that’s too bad about Blurb – maybe there are other such services in India.

        I’m glad you like my comments, Sonali – they are always made with sincerity. And if I can read your pictures better than you can then I am very happy, because being able to read pictures means a lot to me – and there’s no doubt that blogging has been very helpful in this respect.

        Take good care of yourself! Adrian

      • Thanks Adrian. I think reading a photograph is must for any photographer and I am learning to do that through blogs.

        I do sincerely appreciate your comments. It pushes me to do better and to present something different each time. Tough task I must say.

      • Yes, definitely, “doing better” and “doing something different” >>>each time<<>> but I do think that our trying to do these tasks is the main thing >>> to try and fail is ok, not to try is not ok!!!

        In particular, I think its good to keep trying different photographic subjects / genres, rather than just sticking with one. I try to do this on my blog – keep varying the types of subject, and mono/colour (although I think I probably do more mono) etc.

        Hope you’re fine! Good photographing! Adrian

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