Completely shaken,blurred

Adrian, this is the image I was talking about. Completely shaken but still I love something about it so uploaded.

10 thoughts on “Completely shaken,blurred

  1. You did right to post this, Sonali >>> yes it is shaken and blurred but these factors give a wonderful impression of these kids hurtling around on their bikes and having lots of fun.

    A version of this that is in focus and pin sharp would have nothing like the same effect – it would be far more staid, less interesting and less human.

    Never hesitate about posting such things! A

    • Thanks Adrian. I found sense of fun and motion in this image. But I also thought that may be because I had seen it, I feel it. When I first saw it,I thought,”oh,no!”. But after converting it to monochrome , I loved it. First thing we are taught in photography is that image has to be tack sharp. So I had to use all my courage to post it.:)

      • Well, I don’t know who’s been “teaching” you, but as I said on the post of your’s that I reblogged recently, the notion that all photos have to be “tack sharp” is rubbish – and it betrays a distinct lack of creative imagination.

        All images have their place – those that are sharper than sharp, through to those that have no sharpness at all – eg my recent “Sort Colour” post. Anything goes! >>> and you shouldn’t listen to anyone who asserts otherwise!

        >>>>>KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!! Adrian

      • Thanks Adrian. Unfortunately,many do not take photography as a creative pursuit. Actually ,same as any other art, why can’t our imagination run riot with photography too? And by this,I do not mean by post processing manipulation. I have been repeatedly told that my photos lack sharpness, and I do agree. There came a time,when I almost lost confidence on my photography. Then I thought,why should I bother,as long as I enjoy clicking and happy with end result.

      • Well, I think that those who don’t see photography as a creative pursuit ->>> we just forget about! Life is too short! There are plenty – far more than plenty – around who think otherwise and you and I are firmly in their ranks!

        Yes, exactly, let’s let our imaginations run riot – why on earth not???

        You may have understood that I get a little worked up and passionate when I hear about such rubbish – I may have to get out my Anglo Saxon dictionary and start swearing …

        Your last sentence here says it all. As long as you are happy with your pictures – and its a bonus if others are too >>> which they manifestly are – then that’s all that matters. Adrian

      • When I hear such rubbish,I don’t even need to search for my dictionary,they just come naturally 🙂 🙂 ! I also become very passionate about these issues,unfortunately.

      • I think that, for both us, there’s no point in expending energy in passion, anger or argument – visually, you and I know what we like and we know what we’re doing – and that is where our energies should be expended. If others persist in criticism and argument, they are best ignored. A

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