On a rainy day



15 thoughts on “On a rainy day

  1. Its no good >>> I just keep opening your posts and sighing >>> OOOOOFFFF!

    This is a photo in at least two layers.

    On top, the water droplets and runways, which give a marvellous texture, plus allowing sight of the lower layer – and this lower layer is fascinating!

    In this lower layer there seem to be 3 interlocking ‘V’ shapes, like the interlocking spurs of a river valley. Bottom right, there is a ‘V’ pointing left, consisting of greens and yellows. Then, above this, there is a much larger and mainly darker ‘V’ pointing right. And, at the top, there is another, more faintly defined ‘V’ which is sky, pointing .

    A fascinating picture, and beautiful too. A

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