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Hello Friends, for some reason since last week or two I have not been able to access your blogs through reader. Whenever I try to go to reader,computer goes into some long processing and ultimately I need to close the window. Has anyone else faced this problem?

12 thoughts on “Reflected

  1. Yes! In fact I only noticed last night that it seems to be better. I was getting nothing onthe iPad either. Very frustrating, and I thoughtnit was just me, and that I was doing something wrong. Hope yours clears soon too.

  2. No but don’t worry. I don’t mind you not coming to my blog I see you!!! I love this Vase. You could almost cut the top part of this image off. Tell me if you see it! Have a good day and good luck with your computer!

  3. Oh that’s nice, Sonali – beautiful composition, has a very classical look! I particularly like the way the vertical white bar seen in the mirror separates the darker tone on the left from the brighter tone on the right.

    And then the vase is of a very similar colour to the wall the mirror is mounted on, so that the two blend together. A very stylish shot! A

    • I never thought this pic is going to come out well. I wanted reflection of White wall, as it saved plant from merging in the background. And it saved picture from becoming a regular reflection shot!

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