9 thoughts on “Girl

    • I see certain sadness,longing (?) on her face. Mixed with certain pride. She was rather surprisingly, looking at my jeans clad form when I first reached her home,in a tiny remote village of India. I felt that she was longing to wear such cloths and be free from the restrictions that traditions have put on her. By this age, she must be already engaged with someone,where her choice is not taken into consideration. She must be already working on her dowry, beautiful dresses like the one she is wearing and lovely jwellery she is capable of making. When the time comes, she will meekly marry the person of her parent’s choice and dreams of freedom will remain within her.

      Though sometimes I also feel, that ,easy acceptance of their circumstances make them happier persons than some people we see in so called urban enlightened scenario.

      • Her face shows a great wondering, though now I see so much more. Arranged marriages and dowry are things we only hear about in the US. Since I work in Information Systems I do meet people who return to India to complete their arranged marriages. I agree that freedom is a challenge, wondering which way she would be better off? They say the soul chooses the life …

      • Majority of indians go for arranged marriages. And as divorce rate is very low, it seems system somehow works. Theory of karma at play there too.

  1. Beautiful shot, Sonali! Love her half-shadowed face and serious, maybe slightly uncertain expression; and also of course the richness of her clothes and jewellery. I had thought the other figure and the room distractions, but they are slightly paler than she is and they both set her off and give the image excellent depth. Adrian

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